The Mission:

All Veterans. All Veteran Comedians.

With their motto, “No laugh left behind”, this group sought to bring laughter to the men and women in uniform, past and present. Since the team was created in 2014 nearly 30 new members have joined the group representing all 5 branches of our service.

Their mission and their goal is to help bridge the gap between service and civilian life using laughter as the foundation of that bridge. The group has performed all over the world and in just about every state in the U.S.

The Veterans of Comedy was founded in 2014 by veterans Will C. and Erik Knowles. They wanted to not just perform for the troops but to be involved in their communities helping raise awareness for our veterans in need.

In 2016 The Veterans of Comedy partnered with the Veteran Community Project of Kansas City and have been raising money to help build their tiny home community. Since 2016 the group has raised thousands of dollars for the project and will continue to bring awareness to this project.

“We know the Military and the Comedy communities, because we live in them.” ~Founder, Will C.

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