Will C

Will C (USAF, USAR, USMC) On a dare, Will C took the stage at The World Famous Comedy Store in La Jolla, CA in January of 1995, caught the comedy bug and never looked back. Will C has traveled the country as a road comic and has performed all over the United States and Canada. With his quick wit, over the top goofiness, and his ability to relate to his audiences, Will C has become a favorite at clubs, colleges, and military bases everywhere.


Will’s Comedy Credits:

*2004 – Southwest Comedy Competition Runner-Up

*2005 – Southwest Comedy Competition Finalist

*2005 – Kansas City Funniest Comic (All Comedy Radio)

*2006 – Calgary Comedy Festival ‘Best of the Fest’

*2010 – Boston Comedy Festival Competition Finalist

*2011 – Los Angeles Eagle Rock Comedy Festival ‘Best of the Fest’

*2017 – Kansas City Comedy Festival Headliner


In addition to performing stand-up comedy, Will C is a talented actor who was taught by the amazing Marty Pope.

Will’s Acting Credits:

Movies                                                                        TV

*Yes Man                                                                    *Modern Family

*Seven Pounds                                                          *Mom

*Never Surrender                                                       *Hello Ladies

*Article 99                                                                   *Ragtag

*Mr and Mrs Bridge                                                    *Kill ‘Em All

*Inherent Vice                                                            *Wendall and Vinnie

*Wizards Dream                                                        *Monk

*The Vatican Files                                                      *Numb3rs

*Purge 2                                                                     *Knight Rider

*Murder of a Cat                                                        *MANswers

*Gone Girl                                                                  *Family Jewels

*Storage Hunters